Website Development Things ToKnow

Website Development Things ToKnow

It is 2019 and days of visiting offices are over. We do not visit offices anymore, we visit websites. But what are websites ?? Website Development Things ToKnow

Websites are collection of webpages that consist of multimedia content things and other useful informations. It may be a personal website or a corporate website. You are most probably here reading this particular article in a website called Every website has a specific domain name and a URL address that is followed by www(World Wide Web) and runs on a web server.

There are thousands of websites in the internet for thousands of organizations. Need to know about a company that you will be joining in days? No issues. Go to the website of the company and you will get all the relevant information. In one word, websites are virtual go to place for all your queries. Not to forget about the most useful website that we tend to use on all occasions-

Now that we are done with the concept of website, let’s delve into the development part. As it seems from the term ‘development’, website development involves creating a website and running it on server.

But why we are talking about Website Development Things ToKnow?

Because in this age of smartphones and internet, Website Development is one of the hottest technologies to learn and it is here to stay for a long time. If you know the craft of making a beautiful website and running it on internet then no doubt, you are in demand.

And the most important part is that you do not need to be an expert in coding to excel in this technology. Anyone can learn this and be a developer given he/she is persistent and motivated.

Does that ring a bell?

Well, let’s talk about various aspects of Website Development Things ToKnow then.

Website Development has two domains- One is Front End Development and another is Back End Development. Now what is front end development and what is back end development? This development part is comparable to ordering your dish in a restaurant. Suppose you are in a nice restaurant and you ordered a dish for yourself. After few minutes of waiting, you will be served your dish with beautiful and mouth watering garnishing. It looks quite tasty and pretty, huh? But do you have any idea what happens inside the kitchen? If you enter the kitchen, you will most probably observing a mess inside. Piles of raw materials scattered here and there, all the chefs busy with cooking, someone running to get the dish out from microoven, someone busy with garnishing.

If you observe keenly, you might sense a big difference between these two scenarios. The serving part with nice garnishing and the messy cooking part in kitchen. The serving part you can compare to Front End Development, where you will be decorating your website nicely, add content, change colors, change font size and make it more presentable.

And the Back End Development part can be compared to cooking in the kitchen baring the heat. Here you will be doing the tougher job of creating the website from scratch and running it on server. Here goes all the logic and programming stuff.

Website Front End Development

Now based on these two domains, there are two types of developers. Front End Developer and Back End Developer. Front End Developer makes the website presentable doing all the decoration part and Back End Developer launches the website on internet. Both types of developers are high in demand and generally recruited in various software companies and paid quite a handsome amount.

With each passing day the relevance of website developers will increase in leaps and bounds because every year hundreds of startup are sprouting up like mushrooms and these startups need developers to run their own website. Quite an exciting time to learn website development, I must say.

Normally there are separate developers doing the separate part of website development but it is not rare that one does both the parts. Such developers are called ‘Full Stack Developers’. They are paid more than each type of developers because of their highly relevant skill set.

Things You need to learn to achieve expertise in Front End Development-

HTML,CSS and JavaScript , these are three main languages you need to learn for front end development. First two are not proper languages, rather they can be called Mark up languages. HTML,CSS are used to make static website. JavaScript contributes to the dynamic part of the website.

Things you need to learn for Back End Development-

You can take up many languages as the back end language. Javascript can be used for both front end and back end part. Its framework nodejs is quite useful for back end part. Framewok is nothing but a collection of certain tools developed in that particular language to make developing pr more easy for developers so that you do not have to start from scratch. Every language has its own framework. Just as Javascript has different frameworks like nodejs ,angularjs; PHP has laravel and python has django. Other that JS, you can also use PHP and laravel to make the back end part. Nowadays python and its framework django are being used extensively for the back end part for its easy and quick use. You also need to learn sql to store data for your website.

It may sound all intimidating at first, but once you start exploring this vast world of development and start creating beautiful and presentable websites, you will not look back. You can thank me later.

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