College days are the best days for each one of us and being a girl, its ones choice how different you can be from the other crowd.

Well, hairstyles are about being fashionable, classy and different. They can be repetitive since everyone tries to copy one another.

You must be looking out for different kind of hairstyles which wont be so much exposed in front of your faculties yet an inspiration for others.

Lets go through these top 10 hairstyle ideas for college going girls and know how different and easy they are, if you trying experimenting them:

1. Braid is the new style statement:

Well if you are a huge fan of Bollywood movies then you can very well carry braided Mohawk. Since, this will surely end up being an inspiration for others. It is the simplest hairstyle you can experiment and can be kept in place with the help of bobby pins or tic-tac pins too for the longest time possible.

2. The side bun:

If you are an old school kind of a person then it is highly recommended to try this particular hairstyle as it will be easily approved by the faculties. It will very well go off with a simple top and a pair of jeans. Moreover, can be easily worn with a traditional attire.

3. The simple ponytail:

The simplest of the hairstyle for any girl is a ponytail moreover it looks elegant too. You can set up your hair by tying it with a rubber band and adjusting it with pins so that the hair remains intact. This hairstyle will be approved and loved by everyone else and if you are just bored of your old hairstyle, why don’t you get your highlights done?
In this way, you are going to surely love your ponytail even more and will be able to experiment it with colours moreover enjoy the true feel of it.

4. The true importance of a simple braid:

Since we all know, how easy it is to make a simple braid so why not carry this look to college?
If you are good with the different variety of braids and the technique of making it. You will surely be a killer in such a look.

5. High ponytail with a classy puff:

Have your ever tried a high pony tail with a puff?
Well its quite simple, just few simple steps to follow:
• Form a puff at the front by backcombing some of the hair
• Next you need to tie your hair up into a high ponytail and you are done.
This simple look can be carried off anywhere, you name it and you can surely make it. Moreover, this hairstyle will surely standout among the crowd.

6. A simple bun can change your life:

If you are getting late for work and want a simple hairstyle which can be done in few minutes then a simple low bun with a side partying is the best one to do. Since its simple and gives you a chic look moreover is one of the perfect hairstyle for the elegant type of class. It gives an image of responsible person to the crowd. Anyways, who will not like the attention which you can get from the crowd in your college? Try this new hairstyle and notice the eyes turning towards you. Enjoy the importance and its good once in a while to gather such an attention.

7. Fringes can be a sexy look for you:

Want to do a cool yet sexy hairstyle?
Try keeping your hair loose and get a fringe cut in the front. Carry this hairstyle with confidence and you can literally wear anything with it since its one of the coolest hairstyle for college. People will surely be flattered and you will love this new makeover of yours.

8. Hun hairstyle is the upcoming trend:

Are you an Instagram freak?
So you must have noticed half buns or the Hun style which is in fashion right now. Moreover, it is one of the popular hairstyle so why not try yourself and this hairstyle is really simple to make. The simple topknot are perfect for a college going girl since it wont take a lot of time and is low maintenance too.

9. The boxer braid:

Are you inspired by the trends in abroad?
Try these thin braids which look super cute and can be easily be done. They are even called the boxer braids and are quite popular in abroad. So why not incorporate this crazy hairstyle and be different in your own unique way?
Just a middle parting needed with two thin braids on both the sides and you will surely love this new experiment of yours.

10. Top knots are killer:

Are you an adventurous type of a person?
Try this simple hairstyle with a side top knot moreover remember to side part your hair at the front. Then tie, twist the rest of the hair to one side. It’s a bit complicated hairstyle but when you are ready to make it, you will surely love it since its simple to make and can be adjusted with the help of bobby pins. As we all know, practice makes a person perfect so why not try this new look and notice the different by our own self?


Who dosnt like to experiment and be different?
Try these different type of hairstyles and be different in your own way. Being a college student, everyone likes to dress up and look as unique as possible so you can try these looks one by one and choose your favourite one according to your own liking and disliking moreover its always important to give yourself importance and love yourself because you are worth it.
What are you waiting for?

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