TheMost Essential ThingIn Todays World BlogAnd Bloggers

TheMost Essential ThingIn Todays World BlogAnd Bloggers

Knowledge is so vast, and ignorance is your fault, and in todays world this saying holds utmost truth, as if you are unaware then it’s your fault because today with the reach of internet even if you are in the remotest place of the World you can learn whatever you desire to.

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Suppose if you desire to know about the culture of Zambia while you are in the village of Kashmir you can very easily know about it with just a click. The life has become so small and close with just a click.

Now reading a flat documentary about a country could be boring so there are bloggers from the region who put the information about their, place their life, what they do, how they do, or any informative information in a very interesting way.

What does a blogger do?

A bloggers tries to share their life with you. They allow you to sneak peek in their life in a very interesting way and at the same time try to teach you something. Like a fashion blogger will teach you regarding the latest fashion trend, or using the same jacket in variety of ways or the lipstick shades for different seasons.

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Bloggers pick up different topics like there are bloggers who review hotel or food joints or share new and innovative recipes or bloggers who review books or the films or blogger who travels to different destination and shares his travel story, or a blogger who in general blogs or write about anything and everything based on his experiences.

Different bloggers who have flair for writing and like to grow together with people and be a part of their life and simultaneously make them a part of their life. It is very interesting to have a blog and become a blogger.

In today’s world when we all are connected digitally and make new friends digitally the bloggers share information with you and make you learned person.

The bloggers use a domain and have address for their blog and on typing that address on your system you get on your blog, you can like, share and subscribe their blog and receive notification when there is new blog. It feels so good to connect with a person whom you do not know on personal level. In your blog you can put your take on a particular matter and see what others feel about it. Suppose there was a mother who started to blog about her life as mother of autistic child.

People started to associate with the blog and it was a learning process they learned together and shared their experiences. The mother was comforted with the supportive words of other mothers also it helped her to make the condition of her child being accepted in the society.

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This is the power of blog it connects with you on one to one basis. It is truly informative in a world where people try to pull each other down you get support of people with whom you may not have ever met. You blog can reach places and help you to connect with people.

This is one side of the story and a very sweet one where you get to become friends with people across the globe with help of your blog. However with blogging you can earn too. This is a way of affiliate marketing. In this a blogger can promote the products or services of other brands it is like advertising.

It is one to one connection and thus a good way to advertise. Suppose there is mommy blogger who shares her day to day experience with baby. Thus she can promote a brand of diaper or wipes product the options are many. As viewers we tend to like the product, as there is a feeling of trust between the blogger and viewer.

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There are often discount codes at the end of blog and if you use the code you get the product for discounted price and at the same time because the blogger is helping the brand to promote their product they get paid in cash or kind or both. It is good way to earn money while you are online.

Therefore a blogger makes you aware of so many new things, or how to use the same old thing in a new different form. It is truly enriching. You can make friends with the bloggers and become a part of their journey and in the process learn new and different things.

Following a blog and becoming a part of it is like expanding your horizon and welcoming new people in it and learning new things with them. It is a simultaneous effort of learning new things and seeing the blog grow.


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