Fashion is everything in the sense whatever you wear and whatever you like to wear depending on the trend or according to your own liking. This term has evolved over the years and is getting much better due to the joint efforts of designers, stylists and the youth. The people actually set up the trend, that’s how we get to know what is going in and what’s out of trend. Lets go through the list of summer fashion trends.


Each and every year, you will surely notice that fashion trends keep on changing moreover we have four season and each season is known for its speciality. Adding to this, our designers are doing so much efforts to set up a new level in our society including the variety of fabrics, fabric manipulations, colours, patches, textures and accessories etc. Moreover, the upcoming youth is so imaginative and innovative that they like to experiment with clothes thus creating a powerful impact on others.

Lets go through the list of upcoming fashion trends 2019:


Oversized hats will create a new benchmark.

2. Cycling shorts:

The different varieties of cycling shorts which are going to quite comfortable. It can be paired with a cool T as well as anything which you want to pair it with.

3. Pleated skirts:

Pleats are back likewise you will notice tight pleated dresses along with skirts to change your look.

4. Tie-dye:

Who dosnt love tie-dye? you will be happy to know that this 2019 will be full of tye-dye on different type of fabrics to give it a summery feel to it.

5. Footwear are no less:

The revolution of foot pair has gone better to much better. This year you will notice different, unique yet fancy pair of footwear designed just for you.

6. Waterproof dresses:

A new concept of 2019 which will make you surprise, shocked yet happy are the waterproof dresses. Yes you heard that right, waterproof dresses are a new classy change in our fashion industry. You must have heard about waterproof jackets?
The best part is, if you are planning to go out on a rainy day too, this dress will serve your purpose quite efficiently.

7. The variety of techniques:

This year a lot of techniques are being done on the fabric to make it more stylish yet elegant. Likewise, this summer fashion trend is all about making a stylish change. The summer outfits are designed in such unique way that you will be happy to see the advancement. This year you will notice a lot of fringing done on the outfits to make it quite fancy.

8. Neon colour is the trendmark for this season:

Neon colour is the vibrant touch to our summer outfits for this 2019 .

9. puffed shoulder is not only for winters:

Usually, puffed shoulders are a part of winter collection but this season is about mixing and changing. Likewise, you will notice puffed shoulder dresses which will give it a professional look too.

10. Sequins are forever:

Sequins are a new trend which you will notice this year.

CONCLUSION:These trends will help you to change your style a bit and create your own level of trends since trends and fashion go hand in hand. Who dosnt like doing fashion and doing something different so grab and style in your own way. Enjoy the new yet crazy trends which are coming in.


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