Social Media Marketing Boosting Views

Social Media Marketing Boosting Views

Social Media Marketing Boosting Views – How Does Social Media Boost Page Views and Enhance the Marketing of Business

There are a number of blessings of the internet and social media is one of them. Though many people find social media to be a web that catches young minds who are forced to waste time in these platforms, it is a domain less explored than others.

Social Media Marketing Boosting Views
Social Media Marketing Boosting Views

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest can literally boost up the page views of a blog and has the potential to economise any business. This article attempts to do an in-depth yet concise survey on the ways you can economise your blog or website or any other brand, service by utilising the power of media, Social Media Marketing Boosting Views.

Social Media Marketing Boosting Views
Social Media Marketing Boosting Views

While scrolling through your newsfeed, what is it that attracts your attention? Is it the posts of your friend who went to Africa for a quick detoxification or the ones from various pages that give very attractive yet common information? The answer, obviously, is the second one. According to various surveys, people prefer to read information put up by various pages on Facebook, be it quirky posts about celebrities or cooking blogs.

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After creating Facebook pages, invite your friends to like the page or you can boost the page by giving a few dollars to Facebook. If you go for paid boosting, you can select the region you want your page to boost into and the returns are lucrative.

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Other than this, you can request various group administrators, like Boost Your Page to include you into their list so by the huge traffic on the group, you get a bit of traffic. Social Media Marketing Boosting Views. Read about another posting of postpapa in below frame.


Social Media Marketing Boosting Views
Social Media Marketing Boosting Views

Instagram isn’t only about those pretty models and nature lovers, many small scale industries also enhanced their business through Instagram. Bloggers, entrepreneurs and the marketing managers of brands are taking up Instagram to increase the traffic on their respective sites.

Instagram also works on the basis of boosting your account, after you transform your account into a business one. Though the amount you have to pay to Instagram to boost your account is a bit high, you can always rely on the organic ways of doing so.

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Just post good pictures, write captions, put on meaningful hash tags and put effort on content to make your Instagram account be capable of attracting visitors. Don’t forget to mention the name of your website, blog or band URL address (if you have one) up on your Instagram home page.

The algorithm of Instagram is such that if your profile experiences some sort of traffic during any hour of the day, many of your followers will get to see it in their feed. As a matter of fact, you will never get as many likes as your followers, because your post will not be shown in everybody’s feed. Apart from this, you can also put up stories on Instagram telling people about your latest posts and asking them to visit it. Social Media Marketing Boosting Views.


Social Media Marketing Boosting Views
Social Media Marketing Boosting Views

Every youth in their early twenties realise why LinkedIn exists. Honestly, this social media app is way more fruitful than others if you want professionals to be in touch with your website or blog or business. You can personally ping up the owners, HRs or other officials or can enlarge your circle and circulate important news for them to increase your traffic.

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Both ways, LinkedIn is a platform where everything is almost genuine and this platform is more formal than others. Read another posting of post papa for genuine ways of earning in online in below frame.


Though this app is mostly thought to be an app where we only get glued to for hours and there is nothing we can do except pinning stuffs we like, this is completely a false notion. In Pinterest, you can create your own board where you can give pictures and a link to your respective website address.

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When an interested viewer clicks on the image and taps to read more about it, it is highly probable that they will visit your site to learn more. The algorithm of Pinterest works so efficiently that if you search about gardening for 20 minutes, your entire feed will be full of gardening which will keep you attracted to it. If you are an amateur who is looking for ways to maximise your page views, you can also request to be a contributor of a bigger and popular board. Social Media Marketing Boosting Views.


Tumbler is one of the sources of most modern platforms of micro-blogging. You can write posts and upload photographs, based on which your audience will subscribe to your posts which will be shown on their feed. Just like any other blogging platform, Tumbler also is responsible for a huge traffic as the traffic generated is often in pyramidal structure: when one person shares your post, hundreds of other people (who are their friends) also get to see it and if interested, they click on your links to visit your website.

Google Plus

The list of social networking sites that boost the page-views of a website, blog, brand or any other domain would be useless without mentioning the platform Google Plus. Google’s own social media is one of the finest tools of boosting your page-views. After you have created a circle, you can just share the link of your recent post in Google Plus which will definitely give you a number of views.

The tactic here is also to like similar pages that post like you do and just try to follow how they are interacting and communicating with their audience to cater their needs and if possible, try to do a few collaborations with leading pages to appeal to their audience as well. Social Media Marketing Boosting Views.

Socila media boosting page views

There are a number of ways where you can increase page views of your page, whether it is through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumbler or LinkedIn. In order to gain traffic from these social networking sites, the first and foremost thing you should do is create an interactive, highly personalised and attractive feed or page so that you succeed in fastening the attention of the visitor at once.

The art of online marketing is paying attention to minute details and follow people who already have reached a stable position in their domains. Starting from Chasing Foxes to Miss Malini, all these sites have gained popularity due to their huge influence on social media and the way they appealed to audience. Social Media Marketing Boosting Views.

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