Small ideas come yourself

Small ideas come yourself

Small ideas come yourself – How Do Tiny Thoughts Amalgamate To Create Bright Future

We have often seen people who have formed large scale business out of tiny thoughts. Though it cannot seem too obvious at first, this is today’s reality: if you have a concrete and solid idea that can contribute to make the lives of people easier, you have a fair chance of making that idea emerge as a successful business.

If you look around yourself, you can see the number of services that are working to make the life of us comfortable. Starting from delivering food to booking rides for us, life has become a lot easier for people nowadays, Small ideas come yourself.

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After investigating a lot about the pattern in which these things work, I have come to a conclusion that people prefer, and hence the business succeeds, if the consumer gets something urgent done smoothly in a matter of seconds. Nothing is small, and small ideas should never be underestimated.

In a rural town of Bengal, a sweet shop owner was intelligent enough to list his shop online, as he made some really unconventional dishes and this very thing took him forward and now he is a successful owner of a big shop and earns a handsome amount by selling sweets online.

Tiny Thoughts Similar Tiny Thinks

Similarly, owners of present day big businesses like Uber, Swiggy and Zomato have increased their base by implementing small but innovative ideas to big platforms. As a matter of fact, Uber has even launched its sister app: Uber Eats that is giving crazy deals on foods these days. If you are wondering how these offers come, keep in mind that no business is willing to run by losses while giving discount to customers.

The crazy deals and discounts are just an indication of the huge business they are currently making. If you dwell deep into the same, you will see that these apps and businesses did not require any grand ideas but were dedicated for one thing: to make something that is necessary yet people haven’t thought of revolutionising it.

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Life gives chances, time and again. Only we have the capability of seizing the opportunities and turn it into something meaningful: something worth remembrance and something which will carry the generation forward.

If you see minutely, the little troubles you face every day are quite common ones that people of your age all around the world faces. For instance, if you have ever lived in a hostel you will understand the problem people / students face while having food. Small ideas come yourself.

Our Circumstances Bringing Ideas

While Indian hostels provide food that can barely be termed as food, others hostels in UK, USA and many countries, do not have the idea of providing food to students. As a result, people are supposed to make food themselves which is time consuming and everybody everyday might not be in a mood to cook. In Indian hostels, students struggle hard to solve the riddle of “What to eat?”

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In such a scenario, any small idea that is developed to suit the needs of students of delivering meals at their doorsteps daily can be turned into a huge business if nurtured and developed properly.

If you examine the cause of rise of food delivery apps like Swiggy, you will understand how these people have utilised the ideas in the right way. Even KFC reached the place it is at presently when the owner himself sold fried chicken (he was exceptionally good at frying chicken as he had his secret recipe and his consumers praised him as well), thereby utilising the opportunity life threw at him.

How you can seize the opportunity around you is nowhere clear-cut mentioned. The only trick is to nurture ideas for a few days after which some innovative idea will come to you. One such helpful advice is to find the things that can socially, economically and personally benefit consumers for their everyday lives.

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If you are someone who is aware of recent developments in technological stuffs and recent apps that are going viral, you must have heard about the app known as Urban Clap that has revolutionised the idea of services. Now, you can even ask professionals of salons to come and give you a pedicure, manicure and even get your hair coloured. Small ideas come yourself.

Observation Get Benifits To Start New

Ranging from cleaning the house to fixing electronic items at your home, you can book any sort of service in Urban Clap and the professionals will come to get it done at your doorstep. Their lies the small idea behind this viral app: people need these personal services but often feel lazy or don’t get people who are willing to get it done. The founders have utilised this simple idea and implemented it in the right way to have made it this big. One of the apps that I personally love is an app named Elanic.

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This app has utilised the common problem many people face: what to do with old clothes that aren’t torn but you don’t want to wear them. The best solution of this problem is given by the app named Elanic. It allows you to list your used or unused clothes that you want to sell. As a result, both the customer and buyer gain financially and the owner also gains.

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In a nutshell, if you want to start something that can take the world by a storm due to it’s immediacy, start looking for things around yourself. It might be as simple as providing laundry service, doing help with assignments, and providing small courier services for the transfer of books in large amounts ( like the service ‘Campus To Home’ that provides help in transferring books and study materials from one place to another).


To end this article, it is an important thing to notice how and why people will appreciate your service and what are the niches you can target to increase your business. If you can remember these important golden rules before starting something, your business is sureshot to be a successful one.

Just keep your senses open around yourself and try to perceive the different things that people do, the things people don’t like to do but have to do and most importantly, the problems you face in achieving your dreams or while staying far away from your home. Small ideas come yourself.

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