PUBG ARage among the Gamers

PUBG A Rage among the Gamers

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile game, popularly known as PUBG, has become one of the most popular mobile games. The game can be played on Android and iPhone. It is an online game and one needs to have a good internet connection to play it smoothly without any interruption, PUBG ARage among the Gamers.

Brief About the Game

Here is what the game looks and feels like:

PUBG is set on an island which has a mix of an urban and rural feel. The game begins with the player reaching the game island via a parachute. As the player lands, he is required to quickly gather everything to ensure his survival. He needs to pick weapons, clothes, medicines and more.

The entire island serves as the battlefield. However, the play area reduces as the game progresses. The players require confining themselves to the defined play area. They need to keep a check on the decreasing play area and ensure they stay within. Those who are left outside are destroyed.

PUBG ARage among the Gamers
PUBG ARage among the Gamers

Game Mode

You can play PUBG in three different modes. These are solo, duo, and squad. The squad mode allows you to team up with a maximum of three other players. So, you can form a team of four and begin the fun at the battleground.

Each of these modes offers a different experience and has its own set of pros and cons.


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PUBG can be downloaded and played for free. It offers a reward system that allows you to collect coins. These coins can be spent to purchase weapons, clothes and other essentials to play the game.

So, if you haven’t tried it yet then do check it out and let the fun begin! PUBG ARage among the Gamers.

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