One Device Multiple Usages

One Device Multiple Usages

What do you do after waking up early in the morning? Well, most of us would look into our favorite gadget i.e. our smartphone probably to switch of its wake-up alarm! With time, things have changed a lot where many devices have been taken place by smartphones. And why not? Though it may sound like a statement, but the fact is smartphones have made our lives really easier than before. Numerous and effective features of smartphones are developing each day that can be easily assessed by smartphone users, just at their fingertips.

Let us have a look at some really useful features of smartphones that have made us replace smartphones for multiple devices.

Utilities: Smartphones have replaced many everyday utility devices like flashlight, compass, calculator etc. Now you do not have to carry a torch with you during the times of emergency or you do not even feel its necessity because your phones provide you with sufficient light whenever required. Figure out how much does 1239X142 make? Looking for your smartphone, right? Smartphones actually have replaced calculators since we carry our calculator enabled mobiles every time. Need to wake up early in the morning? Just use your smartphone as your morning wake up alarm, stopwatch, cooking timer and much more. There were times when we had to struggle for any of the above-mentioned utility devices, but now we have them all the time!

Navigation: Getting lost in new cities is very common or at least finding out some lonely place or any restaurant may become challenging for us. Save your money which you spend on maps and separate GPS devices. Your smartphones come with inbuilt navigator that have free voice guidance.

All you need is to turn on the navigation tool and your device will locate your current location instantly along with showing directions to your desired destination. Your smartphones will tell you which path to follow to reach desired destinations in shortest time and therefore you will never get lost again if you have your smartphone with you.

Camera: Smartphones are the best camera that can be carried all the time with us. Many people do not prefer leaving their homes without their smartphone so that they can capture beautiful and memorable pictures when and wherever desired.

Many phones come with shortcut keys that allows its users start recording videos on a single click that will never loose your favourite times spend with dear ones or for capturing nature’s beauty without troubling yourself for carrying bulky digital cameras. And for the last, do click as many as you can since your smartphone can hold endless numbers of pictures and videos.

Reminders: This is one of the most useful apps present in smartphones especially for the ones who have the tendency to forget things within short time period. Need to remember your friend’s birthday or an important meting?

Do you still struggle to remember your anniversary date or your spouse’s birthday? Nothing remains troublesome with smartphone as the reminder app of your device will never let you miss a single event. The only thing you need to do is feeding the data and the date and let your phone do the rest for you!

Source of information: With internet getting really cheaper in our country, your smartphones can easily find you answers during any time of day. Just type in on Google and see your answers flashed in front of you within no time. So, next time whenever you have any argument related to any intense topic, try using your smartphone for getting answers to those questions which you are not sure about. Want to know about your favorite food recipe, ask your phone how to make it. Which means, all the information you desire each day, remains present at your fingertips.

Social media: Who does not want to get involved with social media nowadays? Whether be it for fun or for the sake of requirements, we all use social media sites for some or the other purpose. The Smartphone is the device that enables easy connectivity with your family and friends and even with your favorite celebrity at your fingertips.

Your Facebook account never goes unseen because you can easily track other people activities whenever desired. Your smartphones keep you engaged with your desired people, posting new photos, sharing videos and statuses without going through the fuss of switching on your desktop.

Notes: If you have a habit of carrying a notebook every time in your pocket, smartphone can prove great beneficial here. Every smartphone comes with inbuilt notepad where you can easily type grocery list, or your work list and so on. Ditch your old notebooks and start using your smartphone’s note app to jot down your necessary stuffs.

Entertainment: Smartphones have replaced entertainment systems in every home. Now, we can easily download our favorite movie to watch at out own desired time. Even your old MP3 players must have been lost till now because of smartphones.

Several apps like, You Tube, iHeart Radio and Pandora have undoubtedly made our entertainment mode very easy and cheap too. Thousands of games can be installed from Google Play Store to play during leisurely time on our phones that reduces the need to buy additional gaming consoles.

 The possibilities of a smartphone are endless that have made this device taken place of multiple devices.


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