Mind Feeling Weekdays weekend moods

Mind Feeling Weekdays weekend moods – How do Different Days of the Week Impact our Mood?

Ever since the five day work culture has gained popularity in our country, we have all started associating different feelings and emotions with different days of the week. It is rather surprising to see how our mood changes according to the days of the week. We feel completely different on Monday from how we feel and act on Friday. Let us see the general mindset of people on different days of the week. The mood pattern shared here is particularly true for working professionals and students who have a five day work week and get off on Saturdays and Sundays, Mind Feeling Weekdays weekend moods.

• Monday: A Low and Slow Start

Monday blues is a common term used among the working professionals these days. No one feels like going back to work after two holidays. It is ironic how rather than feeling charged up and rejuvenated after getting two days off we tend to feel more lethargic and are in no mood to work on Mondays.

We somehow drag ourselves out of the bed and get ready to head to our workplace burdened with the thought that we have a long way to go before we get another off. The atmosphere in the office is largely dull as everyone shares a similar mindset. No one is willing to work. Mind Feeling Weekdays weekend moods.

The overall mood on Monday is dull and grumpy!

• Tuesday: Work Picks Up

While Monday mornings are difficult and see a slow start, people begin to get into the work mode by the end of the day. Work picks up on Tuesday and people indulge in it with complete dedication. Tuesdays are quite productive. The same goes for students who get into the grove and get serious about their studies. People are more dedicated towards work and try to work hard on this day.

The overall mood on Tuesdays can be summed up as calm and determined!

• Wednesday: Work in Full Swing

As the work picks up on Tuesday, people get into full fledged work mode by Wednesday. Work is in full swing on this day. People look forward to client meetings and discussions on Wednesdays as they are charged up and ready to take on challenges. Some people also head for mid-week party on Wednesdays. This is a good way to take a break and stay motivated the entire week.

The overall mood on Wednesdays can be called Energetic!

• Thursday: The Waiting

As Thursday approaches, people begin to dream about the weekend. Though, they are still charged up and very much in their work mode, many of them start planning for their weekend towards the second half of the day and eventually work takes a back seat. They begin to explore various places they can head to for enjoying their weekend. They contact their friends and family members to inquire about their plans.

The overall mood on Thursdays is Dreamy and Ecstatic.

• Friday: Finally the Relief

Friday mornings appear to be the most cheerful times of the week as the weekend is about to begin within few hours. The entire atmosphere is filled with joy and laughter. People are seen giggling around discussing their weekend plans. Social media platforms are seen flooded with posts such as Happy Friday, Thank God it’s Friday, Time to have fun, etc. They try winding up their work quickly. Many people have plans of enjoying the evening with their friends. This is like the much needed break from work.

The overall mood on Fridays is joyful and positive.

• Saturday: The Happiest of All

Saturdays are said to be the happiest days of the week. There is no routine rush. One can relax and be at ease. Most people prefer turning off their alarms to sleep until late. It is the day that people can spend as per their wish. While some people prefer spending their Saturdays at home with their families others like going out to explore new things. For some, it is the day to complete the pending household chores. Mind Feeling Weekdays weekend moods.

The overall mood on Saturdays is cheerful and relaxed.

• Sunday: Fun Day

The leisure mood continues until Sunday. People are glad that they can manage their day their way without the interference of their boss or teacher. Just like Saturday, this is also a day to relax and unwind. People call their friends over or plan brunch/ dinner with them. Many people head for movies or to mall while some prefer staying at home to relax. While the mood of most people is joyful during the first half of the day, a feeling of melancholy begins to take over towards the evening as the weekend is about to come to an end.

The overall mood on Sundays is relaxed. However, it turns gloomy towards to end.

The Growing Obsession for Weekends
The obsession for weekends is slowly rising in our country. Whether a person has any plans for the weekend or not, he still looks forward to it.

The two days break from work was introduced to help people get enough rest so that they feel energetic and motivated as they return to work on Mondays. However, it is not really solving this purpose. It is rather making people more dull and distracted. People wait for weekend all week long and return lethargic. Monday morning blues is a common problem most youngsters face these days. They feel extremely de-motivated as they return to work after the break.
Days of the Weeks Impacting Our Mind

Different days of the week influence our mind to a large extent. They drive our emotions and have the power to impact our decisions. The decisions we take are mostly influenced by the mood we are in which now a days is determined by the days of the week. Each day brings with it a different mood. Therefore, a decision taken on Monday may be different from that taken on Friday. Does this mean our mind is losing the ability to think rationally and we are largely being driven by our moods and emotions? Well, it seems so! Mind Feeling Weekdays weekend moods.


It is sad but true that instead of focusing on long term goals and finding a direction in life, most of us are going to and fro week after week. We have associated our idea of happiness with weekends while weekdays seem to be a load of burden as it required us to work.

What could possibly be the reason for this growing obsession for weekends? Is it a lack of interest in work among the new generation or is it the increased work load? Well, we would like to hear your opinion on the same! Mind Feeling Weekdays weekend moods.

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