laughing keep watch comedy movies

laughing keep watch comedy movies

laughing keep watch comedy movies

Laughter is the best medicine. This statement is true to every word. Laughing out loud helps in de-stressing. Researchers claim that a hearty laugh a day can add more years to a person’s life and can help combat many diseases. This is simply because it helps in relieving stress which is the root cause of most illnesses in today’s times, laughing keep watch comedy movies.

laughing keep watch comedy movies
laughing keep watch comedy movies

It is said that laughter lowers the number of stress hormones in the body and boosts immunity. A good laugh releases endorphins which are feel good chemicals. They have the power to make us feel better by relieving pain temporarily.

This post is an attempt to help people laugh and forget about their worries. Initially, the method shared here may give temporary relief from pain however eventually it shall become a way of life. After all, we are what we do repeatedly.

As easy as it may sound, laughing isn’t something that can come naturally to a person especially in this era where the cost of living has gone so high that earning enough to make a comfortable living has taken the top priority in almost everyone’s life.

People have started believing that money can buy happiness. They slog day in and day out to try to earn as much money as they can. Many of them do earn good but that does not guarantee happiness.

Children are also not spared. They are burdened with studies and competitions and are living in as much stress as the adults. laughing keep watch comedy movies.

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laughing be happy

laughing keep watch comedy movies
laughing keep watch comedy movies

Engrossed in their daily grinds, people have forgotten how to laugh. When putting a smile on the face seems to be a big task, laughing aloud is too much to ask for.

Gone are the days when families sat together, talked and laugh in each other’s company. Gone are the days when children roamed around freely, giggling and laughing and were not loaded with undue aspirations.

Today, even laughing can seem like a task. It needs to be induced and one way to do so is by watching comedy movies. Several movies have been made in this genre with the intent to invoke laughter and spread some joy around.

Comedy can best be enjoyed if one watches it in his/ her on language. Here are some of the best comedy films of all times in three of the most popularly used languages in India: laughing keep watch comedy movies.

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1. Wedding Crashers

laughing keep watch comedy movies
laughing keep watch comedy movies

This is one of the most entertaining American comedy films. Directed by David Dobkin this movie will leave you in splits of laughter.

The film resolves around two friends, Jeremy and John who are divorce mediators. These two frivolous and friends crash wedding receptions just to have free drinks and bed women. Their carefree acts and the situations they encounter throughout the film invoke laughter.

Their answers to the inquisitive guests at the weddings, their way of picking women and flirting with them and the manner in which they escape different situations make for a good laugh.

The situation becomes intense yet hilarious as the table turns during the wedding of Treasury William Cleary’s daughter where John falls for Clarie, the bridesmaid. laughing keep watch comedy movies

This massive hit has been loved worldwide. It is a sure shot dose of laughter and thus a must watch.

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2. Golmaal Series

The Golmaal series starring Ajay Devgn, Tusshar Kapoor and Arshad Warsi among others is one of the best comedy series in Bollywood. The series includes four Golmaal movies and it is difficult to decide which one is better.

Each one of these movies is a masterpiece. The actors starring in the film have done an impeccable job. They have rendered life to the characters. The unique characters that feature in one Golmaal movie after the other are a treat to watch.

The movies’ plot, characters, comic timings – everything is just superb. The supporting cast of the film is as good as the main actors. These movies can be watched over and over again without getting bored. You are sure to have a hearty laugh every time you turn on any of this movie.

The four films in the series include Golmaal: Fun Unlimited, Golmaal Returns, Golmaal 3 and Golmaal Again. The fifth instalment is now in the making and is likely to be out soon. The movies have been directed by Rohit Shetty who has certainly done a great job. laughing keep watch comedy movies.

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3. Carry on Jatta

Punjabi movies are always fun. The way the characters are portrayed, the way situations are created, the manner in which the dialogues are delivered – everything about these movies is just awesome. Carry on Jatta is among one of the best films from the lot.

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The movie revolves around a young couple Jass and Mahie. Jass falls in love with Mahie and wants to marry her. However, Mahie only wants to marry an orphan as she doesn’t want any interference from in laws after marriage.

Jass lies that he is an orphan and the two get married. The confusion that follows creates several comic situations. The actors have done a great job. The film invokes laughter all through.

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Comedy movies making happy movements

laughing keep watch comedy movies
laughing keep watch comedy movies

The film was loved so much that it was remade in Odia as Pilata Bigidigala and in Telugu as Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam. Likewise, there are numerous other comedy films in different languages that can bring that missing laughter in your life.

Most people have a habit of turning on the news channels as they go home after a tiring day at work. This aggravates their stress levels even more.

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While it is important to stay aware about what is happening around the world, it is not wise to watch all this just before going to bed as this is the time to watch something light-hearted and hilarious. That is a good idea to make it a habit to watch at least two comedy movies a week.


It will bring down the stress levels to a great extent and keep you healthy and happy. It is recommended to watch these films with your family and friends.

The company of our loved ones adds to the overall experience and can make us feel even better. This will not only give each one of you an opportunity to laugh together and forget your worries but will also strengthen your bond. laughing keep watch comedy movies.

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