Facebook IsThe Public Book ForFriends InOnline

Facebook IsThe Public Book ForFriends InOnline

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social platform where you list yourself and then search your friends who are listed there.

It is a social platform. It is platform who may find all your known persons just on the search icon type there name and get started, you will be able to sneak peek in the life of any person who is on your radar.

If you have a smart phone, net connection, and ample of free time (like the time where you are commuting to your office, or standing at the bus stop waiting for bus, waiting for your food in the hotel or simply in the elevator reaching out for your floor) just with a click the complete happening in the life of any person who is listed on Facebook will be available to you for your viewing.

Suppose your next door neighbor when you were just 7 had shifted elsewhere and in spite of being best friends you lost connection. Now after years if you search your friends name on Facebook you will find the person back, not only that but everything related to the person, school, college, friends, spouse, kids, jobs, travel stories everything that you would be curious to know.

So the 7 year old person who was out of your life for this long will be back as if you were never separated. ‘Never say never’ could be the motto for Facebook! You can just drop a message on Facebook or on the messenger option of Facebook and just get connected like before. Isn’t this simply cool, if your friend is overseas and you want to connect then its simple it’s just a click away.

Also with data pack being so cheap it is so simple and cost efficient to connect with the person. The birthday and anniversary, sadness and celebration, like shops, brands, actors, songs all and everything is on Facebook. That is there is no privacy left, as you tend to put everything on Facebook.

Facebook is the revolution it has completely changed our life. Who does not agree to this statement? What we do and what we put up on this social platform called ‘Facebook’ is of immense importance.

It has made the world a much smaller place. We are connected with all and the distance between two people has reduced considerably. Each and every person is on Facebook, not that it is mandatory but then it has been made mandatory and could be called a counterpart of Aadhar card in this aspect, it is mandatory may not be of use but has all your information.

Just like if you give thumb print you get all details that you want or not similar aspect is of Facebook, all the information regarding your workplace, life, residence its there.

It’s just that Aadhar is a Government document and can be used only after your permission but with Facebook your permission is not needed to access your Facebook account the person who is not on your Friend list can also access your account and get all the details about you.

Facebook has become a public book, suppose you go to a new class and just introduce yourself with your name, say XYZ, now if someone wants to do a background check or desires to know about know can get to know all about you.

Now this has two aspects one good and the other bad. It has definitely got all people closer and nearer but then posts and the pictures of the Facebook has also led to immense pressure on all of us.

Like suppose a not so intelligent friend of yours who performed badly in examinations tries his hand in Start up business, and succeeds, and you being the topper of the batch ends up in a 9 to 5 job will definitely make you sad. Although you may be happy for your friend but then your situation will make you sad.

This is the effect of Facebook because it shows the beauty and success stories not the hardships that your friend had to face to reach there or the bank loan that has been taken to reach there.

Photos can be deceptive, another example is that you may be the most sought after girl of the college but got married to a well settled average looking man, but your friend who was never beautiful gets married to a hunk will make you wonder. You are happy in your life but their photos from the ideal vacation will make you sad, however the inside story is not known to you.

We all are imperfect and its okay to be that and what goes on Facebook is just 1% of our life where everything is simply perfect but then always remember fairytales also had some villains. Facebook is public open book but with limitations.


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