Earning WithSmartphone ForThe PurchaseOf Smartphone

Earning WithSmartphone ForThe PurchaseOf Smartphone

If you are planning to buy yourself a new smartphone with upgraded feature to flaunt your gadget collection, you will have to get out of 2019 Budget Bootcamp. If you are running out of finances and debts lays in order, this blog can take you a step through some proven techniques to create some realistic budget and reduce your expenses without letting you sacrifice on your choices.

Whenever I am found messing up with something during my spare time, it is always a smartphone. And why not? Well, who would not wish getting rich and earn money every time with a smartphone? This money can be used in buying another updated smartphone for real without burdening oneself to work over-time or ride in some cheap means to save extra bucks.

So, let’s use our smartphone to purchase expensive ones. Although there are many apps that can help you earn some extra cash, we have shortlisted few proven ones which will only require around 15 minutes of your daily time. These apps are easy and requires minimal effort. While some pays cash directly into your account, others pay gift cards.


This is an amazing Android application that can help you earn some extra cash in your PayTm wallet. On completing the installation process, a referral code is sent by the app developers that can be used for your next recharge. You can send referral codes to your friends and family to earn extra cash. Tune in to play everyday contest and win lucky prizes! This app will also help you in bill-payments and redeem MobiKwik money along with many other benefits.


This is very interesting money earning app which pays its users for completing activities. After you complete listed activities like playing games or trying free apps, you can earn bitcoins, free cash or prepaid vouchers. Moreover, this app will keep you entertained while you earn for yourself. The entertaining activities includes watching videos even from where you can easily earn Amazon and Google gift cards along with iTunes. This apps organise everyday activities including gaming, completing online forms and much more.

Install this fun-loving app signing through your Facebook or Google play store and start earning free cash, bitcoin, shopping card or mobile top-ups to save for your dream phone. After you have reached a minimum of 3000 coins, cash payments can be redeemed via PayPal, PayTM or Payoneer. You can even opt for Amazon gift cards.


PhonePe is one of the safest online money-making apps that offers its users various cashback and money-making payment in India. PhonePe works on the principle of internet banking where transactions can be made in simpler and speedy manner. On installing the app successfully, you earn cashback instantly and can earn extra cash with buy back options while you recharge other people mobiles or electricity bills.

App Trailer

This is another interesting app that can help you earn in your extra time. You get paid for giving a review of movies, game trailer and movie trailers. The basic fundamental that needs to be followed here is being honest. Always give true opinion about things you have watched. They may make you feel good or bad, give a wise feedback that will make you earn true cash! Providing small feedback in this app is also allowed that saves your excessive time in typing long reviews. After a certain amount, the money gets transferred to PayTM along with few other withdrawal options. The cash earned can also buy you gift cards from popular brands like Groupon, Starbucks, Paypal and Amazon. The price of making a review will be provided in the form of cents. You will be rewarded half cents and can easily make 1 dollar for reviewing videos.


This mobile app can earn you a huge amount by completing tasks! Squadron works on the principle which provide flexibility to famous e-commerce companies like Ola, Snapdeal and Flipkart. In the app, you have to tag pictures and categorize products to get related information and details regarding the product along with matching them with similar products. How does that earn us money? Here every time you complete the desired work, you get a Squad coin that can be easily withdrawn from your PayTM or PayUmoney wallets. This app does not limit tasks and thus you are provided with numerous tasks to earn for your expensive smartphone. Just download the app and install it freely using your Facebook or Gmail account. Enter a referral code, if any, and start your first mission where you will be asked few questions. On successful completion of the task, you start earning instantly!


Swagbucks is one of the money-making apps which is liked highly by many people. This app gets you gift cards and daily cash through online shopping, watching movie, browsing through website and taking part in surveys. Gift cards will show a fixed amount, but retailers can be chosen from your end which includes Walmart, Amazon, Flipkart and many others. The most interesting part of this app is it pays you money on several occasions also and every month there is something interesting than before to do. To start earning from Swagbucks, download the application, get it installed on your smartphone and register yourself. You can use your computers also. Login everyday to complete tasks, attend surveys, play online games and taking part in daily polls. On completion of these activities, you get a Swag coin daily. You can invite your friends even to earn 10% lifetime commission. Once you reach 750 Swagbucks, you can get it withdrawn from PayPal account. Redemption can be made for gift cards also.

 Google opinion Reward

This app is comparatively new and very little people know about this app presented from Android O.S company itself. Google opinion Reward is a simpler money-making app where your smartphone can buy you another smartphone easily. This application requires you making various interesting surveys. However, the best party is, you can select the field that interests you the most for completing the survey without getting bored. Which means, you earn without struggling much. Once you install the app, few questions will be asked that will become a routine work for every week. The basic moto here is to get an overview of different products used by users. These surveys conducted by reliable apps worldwide will never get you scammed, but will help you earn by giving witty answers.


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