Earn While YouSit AtHome FromGOOGLE AdSense

Earn While YouSit AtHome FromGOOGLE AdSense

Getting a decent job in this fast-developing world has become very difficult. What if anyone offers you a job at Google and that to by just operating a computer while you take a sip of your coffee at your personal space? Sounds good, isn’t it? Although getting a full-time job at Google not as easy it seems to be, but surely you can try online job in Google to make some money through Search engine optimization (SEO) and online business.

Blogging and content marketing is one of those platforms that are capturing online market rapidly as it offers a decent revenue. Moreover, it is estimated that earning from online business will become more safe and secure in upcoming years for which more and more people are getting involved in business with Google itself. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started by learning few basic features about Google AdSense and how you can earn through it.

The basic work that needs to be done is work for a mobile device and content creation realm for which you would need a search engine evaluator that can evaluate your website, occasional ads and webpages to make sure that your content results and queries are helpful and relevant. Whenever a webpage is created or written, is becomes significant to increase SEO and that needs to be very good if you desire to become a pro in online business with Google.

Use best keywords to whatever field you are publishing and add simple words as Google search showcases best search terms just like food products labelled exactly what it is. Add simple terms in your website too that would make search engine evaluators evaluate what they would like too in their own methods and through web tools. After the process of evaluation, sometimes the evaluators rate the webpages according to Microsoft or Google set of guidelines.

There are many ways that can monetize your website in which most of them are related to third-party advertisers for promoting their products or services to the visitors of your page. Many advertising programs are available that can earn you money nowadays out of which Google AdSense is the most prominent and reliable one that can offer you a fair return.

The advertising program of Google was started way back in 2003 which has currently transformed into one of the best and most popular advertising mediums on internet. It not only provides great opportunities to webmasters, but also helps in monetizing traffic created by website developers.

One biggest advantage offered by Google AdSense is its massive numbers of advertisers and publishers in which Google act as a mediator in between. Therefore, this becomes second good feature of AdSense i.e. providing high security and safe returns to both the publisher as well as the advertiser.

Now the question arise, how does AdSense actually work? The process behind earning money through AdSense is practically very simple and intuitive. All you need to do is create an AdSense account, integrate few codes in your website pages and that’s all. All the targeted ads will be displayed by Google itself on your page after segregating the relevant ones that matches your content. The basic process is about visitors reading or watching content who might like to click upon those ads that are relevant to the content they are going through. For example, if you create a blog themed travelling and Google advertises for a trip planner agency, it is feasible for visitors to click on the add to know further about their offers. Once the visitor clicks on the ads, you get paid for it.

Google AdSense works basically on two things: one is revenue sharing basis and the second one being cost-per-click (CPC). The advertisers are charged per ad clicks and publishers receive approximately 68% of all the clicked amount. Competition on the niches are also an important factor that decides upon publisher’s commission. Presently, the commission paid per click ranges between $0.20-$15. Majority of niches does not bring more than $1 per click to its publishers.

Till now, it must have become clear to you that your main task behind creating an AdSense account is to provide as much as click as possible to provide advertisers what they desire. But, do not ever try to cheat Google by increasing the amount of clicks artificially. Even, encouraging your visitors to click on ads along with clicking ads on your own webpage is taken illegal by Google for which they can suspend your account completely. Google is very complicated and accurate for preventing fraudsters and once they envisage any fraudulent activity or suspicious clicks, they might terminate your working with them.

Apart from it, the money earned by Google does not solely depends on cost per click amount in your niche. This also depends upon how many ads matches your audiences’ interest and where ads are located on your website pages, etc. Therefore, it is always advisable to pay good attention to the web content of your webpage, make it more user friendly and test various placements in one page to find out most efficient ones.

Earnings from Google also depends upon targeted traffic your website earns. In general, very small number of visitors will click on the ads posted in web pages ranging between 1-2% only. Most of the clicks will not give you more than $1 per click even for which making money through AdSense becomes very difficult. However, if you are able to create a big traffic volume, increased earning might become possible for you. This will still require much hard work and lot of time along with unique and excellent content publishing.

Before getting started, you can go through Google AdWords keyword tools that provides you with most reliable and promising niches that can help you in generating traffic volume, CPC and competitive advantage. Yet, it is always fair to create a website on those niches that suits your interest and about which you know a lot. This will also make your content creation more pleasurable and interesting.

At the beginning, do not expect high returns like $1000 per month with just 10-pages website. We recommend to create a minimum of 20-30 pages website before you apply for an AdSense account. Putting succinctly, making a fair amount of money from Google AdSense is not something that can be achieved quickly. Along with time, constant involvement and creation of topics that you are sure of can help you get huge amount of traffic as well as monetise your Google AdSense while sitting at your own personal space.


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