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We all seek review and feedback about different products and services before purchasing them. We ask our friends, colleagues and relatives already using the same to know about their experience so as to understand if it is worth spending a . To be doubly sure, these days, most of us look for reviews online. However, not every review and rating given online can be trusted. Here are some websites that can be relied on if you are looking for customer feedback, ratings and reviews: Customer ReviewandRating Websites.

Amazon Customer Reviews

This is one of the oldest and most trusted websites when it comes to posting reviews. Several consumers around the world look forward to this site before purchasing various goods and availing different services. The reviews and ratings provided on it can be trusted to a large extent. Products here are rated on a scale of 1 to 5. You can easily navigate to the most recent and most helpful customer reviews on the site.

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Yelp offers reviews and feedbacks and that too for free. Users can create free profiles to review a product. Businesses can also set up their profile. It also gives the option to respond to the reviewers. Yelp has been providing feedback and ratings about numerous products and services and is of great help for the buyers. Customer ReviewandRating Websites

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor provides reviews for the travel and hotel industries. Most people prefer checking the review of hotels, airlines and restaurants before heading for them. If you are looking reviews and customer feedback in this arena then TripAdvisor is the place for you. It is the biggest travel site in the world. It provides reviews of hotels, flights, restaurants and travel destinations located in almost every part of the world. Travel buffs mostly rely on this website. It is recommended to go through it before planning a trip.

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This is a consumer review company that reviews products and sprints feedback about the same. Unlike many other sites, it is not the customers but the employees at Which who submit the reviews on this website. They test the products before writing the reviews and also collate feedback from the customers who have used the same. They encourage consumers to share their feedback with them by way of email. The site is popular and can be trusted for various products. A lot of reviews on this website are available free of cost while others can be viewed by paying a membership fee. Customer ReviewandRating Websites.


This is yet another website that provides genuine reviews about products by testing them at its end. They purchase various products just to test and review them. They have purchased several cars till date just to provide a genuine review to its viewers. They do not just provide product reviews to the customers but also share buying guides. They also have social sharing buttons.

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Angie’s List

This is a U.S. based review website. It offers high-end reviews for products and services. It rates on an A to F scale. The reviews here are genuine more so because they do not allow anyone to post reviews anonymously. So, people are cautious while posting reviews here and post only that which is true. The service providers are also given a chance to respond to the feedbacks and reviews. However, this is a paid review site. You need to pay for the membership to get the review.

So, next time you plan to purchase something, don’t forget to visit these sites to get the review! “Customer ReviewandRating Websites”.

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