Book Reading Mind Watching Videos

Book Reading Mind Watching Videos


Book Reading Mind Watching Videos – Reading Boosts Brain Power; Watching Video Slows It

Reading is one of the best habits one can inculcate. Books are said to be a man’s best friend. It is said that one who develops the habit of reading can never feel lonely as he always has books to his rescue. While most people from the earlier generations are well read as they have a habit of reading newspapers, books, and magazines, this habit is largely missing in the new generation.

The main reason for this is the growing fondness for television and internet videos. News channels have replaced the newspaper, entertainment shows have replaced magazines and movies, tele soaps and web series have replaced storybooks and novels. But are we heading in the right direction? The answer is No! This change is not really for good, Book Reading Mind Watching Videos.

Reading has Taken a Back Seat

While videos may be as informative and entertaining as the books, it is the later that scores more on various other parameters. However, watching videos is still gaining popularity and reading is taking a back seat in this internet driven world. The newer generation which is used to getting everything served on the plate does not want to work hard. It does not want to make an effort to read. It rather prefers watching the videos leisurely.

Book Reading Mind Watching Videos
Book Reading Mind Watching Videos

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Clearly, watching videos is a more convenient option compared to reading books as it requires no effort. One just needs to turn on the television or laptop or pick the mobile and start watching their favourite show. Book Reading Mind Watching Videos.

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Reading Vs Watching Videos: Impact on Brain

Watching videos and reading books both have different impacts on the brain. Watching too many videos regularly can dull a person’s mind. Researchers claim that a person who spends three or more hours watching random videos on the internet loses the capacity to think and analyze appropriately. It impacts the mind negatively and can make a person feel lethargic.

Reading, on the other hand, helps increase focus and power to concentrate. It is also a good way to enhance ones vocabulary. We can mark the difficult words, check their meaning and then continue with the text while reading or we can always come back to the words we have marked and look for their meaning to enrich our vocabulary. While watching a video, we may not want to do this activity as it breaks the flow and spoils the fun. Book Reading Mind Watching Videos.

Book Reading Mind Watching Videos
Book Reading Mind Watching Videos
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It has been noticed that most of the times people do not watch informative videos. The internet is flooded with all kinds of videos these days. There are many that may not do any value addition to our life but we keep watching them just because we get addicted and are unable to turn them off once we begin viewing. Watching too much content can impact our power to think logically and create a prospective of our own. We begin to embed what we see and hear without understanding and realising whether it is wrong or right. We tend to form opinions based on what we watch rather using our own brain.

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Reading Must be Given Preference over Watching Videos

While the growing craze of watching videos is understandable, we must give preference to reading. A person who is well read stands apart. Here are some of the reasons why each one of us must give preference to reading over watching videos:

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1. Increases Knowledge

One of the main benefits of reading is that it enhances knowledge. Most of what we read gets stored in our memory. It makes us more knowledgeable and wise. While reading non-fiction stuff gives us an insight into the subject, reading fiction takes us through various situations. We get to see how different characters tackle different situations. So, we can take better decisions when caught up in a similar situation.

Book Reading Mind Watching Videos
Book Reading Mind Watching Videos

2. Enhances Vocabulary

We come across numerous new words and phrases as we read. So the more we read the richer our vocabulary becomes. This helps improve our communication as well as writing skills.

3. Bursts Stress

Reading has proved to be a great stress buster. Reading a good novel or an interesting article can make one forget all the unnecessary stress and pain as one gets engrossed in it. We lose ourselves in the books and overcome our pain.

4. Increases Focus

Reading helps in developing focus. When we are on the phone watching videos, we tend to juggle between the video, social media sites and messenger. We stay distracted constantly. However, this is not the case when we read. When we read a book, we tend to do just that and it increases our focus and power to concentrate. Book Reading Mind Watching Videos.

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5. Exercise for the Brain

Just as our body requires undergoing regular exercise to stay fit our mind also requires similar stimulation to stay active and strong. Reading is one of the best exercises for our mind. It keeps it engaged and active.

Book Reading Mind Watching Videos
Book Reading Mind Watching Videos

6. Improves Analytical Skills

As we read fiction, we tend to think and analyze as to how the story would move forward and how the characters would react in the forthcoming situations. It builds our ability to think and analyze. We inculcate this habit in our actual life too. We tend to observe and analyze things carefully.

7. Boosts Imagination and Creativity

Reading also helps in enhancing our imagination. We tend to enter a different world all together as we read different books. Our imagination runs wild as we read different books. It also enhances our creative power.

8. Fights Boredom

We can carry our books with us just anywhere and can read these at anytime. We don’t need to depend on an internet connection or power bank to do so. A person who has the habit of reading can never feel bored as he always has books to his rescue.

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While it is alright to watch videos we must not over indulge in it. Overindulging in the same can cause numerous side effects. The impact it has on the eyes is known to all. Small children these days are seen wearing spectacles. This is mostly because they spend a lot of time watching television and random videos on the mobile phone. Book Reading Mind Watching Videos.

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Research shows that people who watch videos at bedtime find it difficult to fall asleep. This is because this habit does not allow the brain to relax and rest. People who tend to watch videos regularly at the bed time often grow insomniac. This can be very stressful. On the contrary, those who have the habit of reading before bedtime enjoy a sound sleep. Reading relaxes our mind and helps de-stress.

Thus, we should imbibe the habit of reading and try to squeeze in some time daily to read books or newspaper or anything that interests us. “Book Reading Mind Watching Videos.”

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