7 Dresses to Wear to an Indian Wedding

Dresses to Wear to an Indian Wedding

Well as we all know wedding season has just begun and its always better to decide in advance rather than having confusion later on so to keep it simple,

The 7 best outfits which you can wear to an Indian wedding are:


A saree is an elegant form of dressing in our Indian society. It comes in a lot of varieties inspired by the traditions and cultures of our society.

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A suit is the most comfortable form of clothing. The options are endless and you can even get them designed according to your taste or the trend which is going on.


Lehenga is actually made for wedding. You can find many stores where thousands of Lehengas are available just for you. You can opt for subtle or dark colours since they are available in variety of colours too.

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These outfits are the most royal kind of dresses to wear at an Indian wedding. This outfit is favourable for the sister of the bride or the groom and can be even worn by a distant relative as they are available in variety of colours.


Evening gowns are a smart choice if you are planning to wear at an Indian wedding since you can carry a good pair of clutch with it and wear subtle jewellery which would in a way make the outfit looks classy.

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Since we all know palazzo pants are a classy form of clothing since you can pair it up with chic blouses, kurta and shirts too, moreover the possibilities are endless. The point they had entered in the fashion world, they set up a different standard altogether even for an Indian wedding.


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The Anarkali skirts gives a majestic look to your outfit. Skirts of this kind is highly comfortable yet fashionable and elegant to wear at an Indian wedding.


The point to remember is you should wear something what you are comfortable in wearing. It depends on how are you going to carry with that particular outfit and how you are going to accessorize it. Believe yourself and you will surely kill the look.

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